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like minds

I had just moved to California from New York where I went to record some songs for my Album “Sister Caro”. I had no friends in California so settling down and getting the right studio and engineer to work with was meant to be quite a task especially if you consider the fact that I had just recorded a few songs with a multi Grammy Awards nominated Engineer in New York and I wanted nothing less. Like the popular saying goes “like minds always attract“. I was in search of a fairly used computer with which I would do some practice demo recordings at home before going to a studio for the final recording.

I found a computer I wanted on Offer-Up. After discussing with the seller, I drove from Redwood City where I lived at the time to San Jose to go buy the computer. I arrived at this lovely family home and walked up to the door of the house. Instead of the lady I had been discussing with to show up it was some cool hip-hop dressed looking dude who introduced himself as the husband to the lady. He invited me into the house and proceeded to show me the computer. If you’ve seen my picture, the first thing you’ll probably notice are my long Dread-locks. The dude introduced himself again as Jes and he then asked me if I was an Artist and I answered, Yes. He then asked if I was into Reggae Music and again my answer was Yes. He then told me that he is a Music Producer and also an Engineer, which sounded very interesting to me because remember I was in search of an Engineer to work with to finish recording my Album.

He then ushered me into another section of his house and I was amazed to see that he had a fully equipped recording studio. He then played a song for me and said he needed a Reggae/Dancehall hook for it. I immediately started vibing to the beat and we bonded musically. I began to tell him about my Album and where I had recorded in New York and About finishing up the Album. At the end of the night we had exchanged so much info and made an appointment to begin my recordings. You would not believe that I almost forgot what took me there in the first place, The computer lol.

Before my recording appointment with my new found friend Jes, I had received an interesting message from my Manager/Investor at that time informing me that I needed to record a hook on a Club Banging Dance-Hall beat. He said that he had made arrangements for me to feature “Beenie Man” aka The king of the Dance-hall on that track. I was very excited and Overwhelmed to have a Grammy Award Winner in my Genre feature on my song. On the day of the recording I arrived at the studio to meet a great surprise. I walked into the Studio and standing quietly at the Corner was “Chief Rocker Busy Bee”. This is a an Artist I grew up watching on TV. Jes didn’t even inform me that he would be there. Anyway I got formally introduced to him and I settled down for my recording. I was again Overwhelmed when Busy Bee said to me that he likes the hook and that he loves my vocals. He may not have been my favorite Artist growing up but such a comment coming from him? I would forever cherish.

The Album is now complete. It is actually an EP with 4 songs selected from my library of over 40 recorded songs. If you would love to listen/get a FREE song from this Album, I can send it to you for free, no strings attached.

Download one FREE song from “Sister Caro” Album

If you love the song then you might consider buying my new¬† Album ——>“Sister Caro”

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