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My love for music began very early in my life. I was in my primary school’s band and also the school choir. I was particularly good with the flute and the drums plus I had good vocals.

I can remember a certain day around that period in my life, a female Music Icon in my country came to my primary School to request for permission from the Head Mistress to allow her select a few kids to dance in her new Music Video. I was one of the lucky kids whom the Musician “Theodora Ifudu” selected for her music video shoot. I was so excited to meet her in person, talk-less of dancing in her music video. I can still remember that my costume was my native Traditional Attire and the whole event was overwhelming. The feeling of having several cameras, lights & a professional crew of Video Directors & Camera men filming and directing, was an experience and a feeling I knew I wanted more of. I can say it was at that stage in my life that I realized that I wanted to become a Musician. I loved the feeling and experience right from the dance rehearsals to the final video shoot. Immediately after that experience I began to write songs.

Years went by and because I was in a country where there was lack of proper structure for upcoming musicians, It was seemingly a better idea to begin my Artist career with my second talent by becoming a professional Artist Painter. At least I could earn some money while I prepared for my switch to music after I got more established or when the industry improved.

I built my Art business as the years went by while the Music industry in my country began to improve and at that stage I began to plan for my switch over to practice my Music but I didn’t know where exactly to start. Luckily I had a few Musician friends and one day one of them named “Blackface” who was a member of a group called “Plantashun Boiz” arguably the number one group in Africa as at that time asked me to work with him as his new Manager. For some reason he needed a Manager urgently but I had no experience as an Artist Manager but he asked me not to worry that he would teach me and I would learn as we move along. It was indeed quite an interesting experience and it gave me a good insight into the music industry and how I wanted to approach it with my type of Music. I learnt quite a lot and I began to write more songs. However I relocated to the United States of America & teamed up with a friend from way back who had connections in the New York music industry. He took me to record my Album in a studio owned by 2 well connected music industry veterans. One of them is a Platinum selling engineer “Len Marrow” who has been nominated for several Grammy Awards. The other is guy is a dude called DJ Diamond who is a well respected New York DJ.

After recording a few songs in New York I moved to California where I teamed up with a bad-ass producer/Engineer Jesthebeats to record the rest of my Album. It was at that period that I recorded my Dancehall¬†collaboration song with a Grammy Award Winner “Beenie Man” aka The king of the Dancehall. I have since finished the Album which would be released on the 19th of December 2017. I know a lot of these details may not be important in the grand scheme of things but this is a summary of my musical journey so far and I just want to share it.

When I sit back and reflect over my how much work was put into this Album it reminds me of how special you are. By you, I am referring to you my listeners and potential fans. My love for humanity has a great influence on my music which is why my intention is to spread the message of love through my music. No wonder why majority of my songs have been described as “Sweet love songs“. I invite you to come along and be part of this Journey.

If you would like to hear some of my songs, click here to listen to my Album “Sister Caro” Or You can listen on Spotify with the Music Player above this Post.

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.


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